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Need Roof Racks?

The 5.5m / 18ft Rapid Locking Straps are a quick, easy and safe way to secure your load. Each strap features a lockable cover, PU coated wire encased through the length of the strap and a rubberised, corrosion resistant cam buckle.


- Two straps are included
- 5.5m / 18ft in length
- Lashing capacity of 225kg / 497lb
- 3.2mm PU coated steel wire encased within the strap to protect against cutting
- TPV rubber on the cam buckle to provide maximum protection from denting or scratching your vehicle
- Tested to Australian Standards (AS4380:2001)
- Keys included (Masterkey compatible)


Strap Length: 5.5m
Warranty: 1 Year

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