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Need Roof Racks?

The Multislide Double Ladder Rack System allows you to carry a step ladder as well as an extension ladder on your vehicle's roof safely and securely. It features special low friction slide pads that will allow you to load and unload your ladders effortlessly. This system also includes a conduit carrier with lockable end caps.

The ladder racks and conduit are mounted on the Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty crossbar system so you can rest assure that your ladders will be transported safely with you wherever your next job is. Built from anti-corrosive materials, the ladder rack system can withstand all weather conditions.


Slide width is 470mm / 18.5 inches wide
Suitable for 3m / 9.8ft extension ladders


Slide width is 680mm / 27 inches wide
Suitable for 3m / 9.8ft step ladders


Conduit is 3m / 9.8ft in length
The diameter of the conduit is 100mm / 3.9 inches
A lockable, simple twist and lift end caps for convenience
Ladder hoops and ladder straps are also provided to ensure that the ladders are stable and well fastened when in transport.

It is recommended that the maximum carrying capacity per ladder rack is 42kg / 93lb and a 15kg / 33lb for the conduit carrier.

Warranty: 5 Years
Load Rating: 100 kg

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