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Need Roof Racks?

New CRUZ Aluminium Roof Racks. Latest Design.


FREIGHT FREE anywhere in mainland NZ.

Complete set of Aluminium Roof Racks for the following vehicle(s) :

Nissan X-Trail 5d(III/T32) (2014 --> )

These are the latest design of the CRUZ Premium Aluminium roof rack range. These top quality European made roof racks are available at a very competitive price!

The racks are 'model specific' and come with a unique fitting kit.

CRUZ Premium Aluminium roof racks are independently tested (for quality, safety and usability) and are TUV certified.

A huge range of vehicle specific CRUZ Aluminium roof racks can be found using our search engine at

Please Note:

- Image shown in this auction may not be the actual vehicle listed. It shows the style of the roof racks.

- If your vehicle has raised side rails, then this auction is not for your vehicle , but we have all possibilities for vehicles with side rails. Check our other listings or ask us a question.

- We also have locks for these roof racks which are optional. Locks are priced from $29.99.

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