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Need Roof Racks?


Complete set of brand new CRUZ AIRO DARK Roof Racks for the following vehicle(s):

Mazda 6 (Atenza) 5 door (I - fixpoint)(2002 > 2008)

Mazda 6 (Atenza) 5 door (II)(2008 > 2013)

Mazda 6 (Atenza) sedan 4 door (I - fixpoint)(2002 > 2008)

Mazda 6 (Atenza) sedan 4 door (II)(2008 > 2013)

Mazda CX-5  5 door (fixpoint)  (2012 --> )

This auction includes everything you need to mount CRUZ AIRO DARK Roof Racks to the above listed vehicle(s)- and vehicle specific fitting kit are included in this great price!

CRUZ AIRO DARK Bars offer the latest design in the CRUZ roof rack range. These top quality, European made roof racks not only look amazing, but their aerodynamic design reduces drag and wind noise and improves fuel efficiency. The CRUZ Airo Dark Roof Racks are independently tested, TUV Certified and Load Rated. You get all of this for a very competitive price!

CRUZ Roof Racks and Roof Rack Accessories are made in Europe to very high quality standards and are NOW AVAILABLE IN NEW ZEALAND!

Founded in 1963, CRUZ now celebrates over 50 years of producing high quality products.
CRUZ products are TUV Certified (independent testing for quality, safety and usability).
CRUZ gives you the best of both worlds- top quality at a great price!

You can find Cruz Roof Racks for a huge range of vehicles using the search engine at
Please feel free to contact us directly by clicking on our trademe username ‘mrgs’ and then clicking on ‘About the store’ for all our contact info.

Please note:
- If you have any questions about your vehicle and roof rack fitment, or any special requirements you may have please discuss these with us. Either ask a question on this auction or contact us directly. Our phone number and all other contact information can be found here on trademe- click on our username ‘mrgs’ and then click on ‘contact’.
- Locks with keys for these roof racks are optional and are available for $29.99 for a complete set.

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